Sunday, November 15, 2015


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It's hard for people to accept "it's not meant to be" when they've put so much effort into what they want. Maybe it's a career choice you were passionate about but it was never what God wanted for you. Maybe you fell in love with someone during your education years and you two have experienced so much together but it was never who God wanted for you. You begin to ponder... "Lord, why would you allow this? Why would you allow me to go through years of studying and following a path that wasn't meant to be? Why would you allow me to meet this woman or man in my life where we shared so much together personal and it was never meant to be?" Simple, God gives us free will. Before we make choices He sends us signs and warnings but we missed them because we're caught in the moment and He will step back  respecting whatever decision we make but will not allow it to destroy you.

In order for us to learn not to lean to our own understanding or to be led by feelings God will allow us to go through our choices to teach us a lesson. It's during the process of our mistakes we learn to depend on Jesus. We learn to first seek His face in all things. It's during those moments we draw closer to Him in prayer and the Word. It's sad that we have to make mistakes in order to draw closer to the Lord, instead of being obedient and learning to trust Him during the test He puts us in. Sometimes we are cause because of our own choices. As an example, what Job went through wasn't caused by himself but God was the one who allowed the enemy to tempt Job; there's a difference. David on the other hand decided on his freewill to sleep with another mans wife and impregnate her; God was not in that but He knew what David was going to do and already established a plan to turn it around for his good.

If you are saved the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. Stop doing everything on your strength and might. Let the Holy Spirit HELP you. Delight yourself in Him. Trust in Him. Give it all to Jesus, He will never lead you wrong; it will turnaround for your good. When you're led by God He'll not only direct you, He'll guide you. Simply say, "Lord, direct my steps. Not my will but Your will."-instagodministries

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