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Speak Lauryn!!! Have people even thought about WHY walking in unconditional Love is “difficult” for us? Why our emotions seem to always trump what we know, which effects what we do? It’s because we don’t understand how the Father created us. We were created from the INSIDE OUT, not the OUTSIDE IN. We generally LIVE in reverse order. The original design by our Father in heaven is : SPIRIT SOUL BODY…and that is the way we are to live. Yet we find ourselves living by man’s order of Body, Soul, Spirit. Now…what does this mean exactly. Well your spirit is the REAL YOU! It’s the part that when you accept Christ as Lord, it’s REBORN! Now why must that happen? Because of sin! The sin that occurred in the garden, caused all men to be born into sin. SPIRITUALLY! And that’s why physical death is nothing, but to be dead spiritually well thats eternal, so you must be born again!  Now once you are born again, you must GROW UP, or MATURE into who God originally created you to be! Yet depending on the age that you were reborn, so many things have “settled” in your SOUL as right, wrong, necessary, acceptable etc. And yet God has not changed! So in your SOUL is where the tug of war begins. Maybe you are struggling with fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lying, being critical, judgmental, hateful, idolatry, unforgiveness, so for and so on. It’s right here that the decisions that are made will tell you which ORDER you are living in. Because your BODY will do and respond in whichever way your Soul tells it to.  See your BODY is in complete and utter conflict with your SPIRIT DAILY!!! The two are constantly at war! (Romans 8) And whichever one you have been FEEDING the most will win out every time! Yet it’s only ONE THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER: that’s right, the real you, your SPIRIT. So what did the Father do? He gave HIS SPIRIT to those who accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, to LEAD US INTO ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS. So that we can know and understand the right way to go! And the things to say yes to, or no to! Most importantly that we will KNOW LOVE AND COME TO AN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE. Why? Because GOD IS LOVE! Read the rest at
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There is NOTHING in this world that can separate you from the LOVE of God! Sin can separate you from the PRESENCE of God if we do not repent. But nothing can stop God from loving you! He PROVED IT when He sent His greatest GIFT to you, WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS! 🙌🏿
So that’s why we struggle to LOVE unconditionally, because we live from the outside in, but you were created to live from the inside out! And the bible says:
“And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬
You see that! So the next time you are ready to stop loving someone, give up on them, remember you have HIS LOVE in your heart! And just as HE LOVES everyone, we are commanded to do the same!
So 1st before you accept a mate: SEEK GOD! Because your capacity to love that person, especially when it gets hard (remember it’s the spirit that’s operating that you are at odds with, not the physical person u can see) is very important to know and understand. Now God’s capacity to LOVE US is through it all! He has seen our whole lives, and yet He sent Christ anyway!
2nd whom God has joined you too, this is in marriage, friendships, etc…miles of separation means nothing, worldly decisions(things u decided without God) will only keep/hinder you from destiny. Your soul only knows two ways to go, by the dictates of your body, or the dictates of your SPIRIT! One is driven(fed) off of societal views, and the other the guidance of the Holy Spirit who (Leads us into all truth, tells us things that are to come)!
Now tell me again,why is it so difficult to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY? Simple, we do not know or trust GOD BY HIS SPIRIT to do all the things He said He would do. Instead we say: we create our own destiny…well yes to a degree, because if we do NOT WALK BY FAITH IN GOD concerning HIS PLANS for our lives, then every decision is creating a destiny that God did not plan. So when you SEE HIM, what do you believe will be His statement? Because though on earth you may have accomplished a lot in man’s eyes, you STORED UP ZERO TREASURE or CROWNS in the place where it matters for all eternity!
Don’t focus on the temporal, focus on eternal! And learn that LOVE IS THE KEY TO IT ALL! Cause when you get to unconditional, the most important person in the room: IS GOD!
Have a great Saturday guys! -CM

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