Tuesday, January 19, 2016


There are somethings we see consistently throughout the entire bible. And the phrase #DoNotFear (it may vary) #DoNotBeAfraid etc...but FEAR of the Lord is the only fear we are to have. And that is a REVERENTIAL FEAR! Because He is the Alpha and the Omega! Yet we have allowed fear to become part of our everyday life. We must understand that our Father in heaven DID NOT give us a spirit of fear! But of POWER LOVE AND A SOUND MIND(the Holy Spirit)! And what cast out fear? Perfect(unconditional) LOVE! So know He wouldn't give us a spirit that is to be cast out. So the next the Father speaks to you to do this or go there, and fear tries to creep in,remind that spirit that the Love of God dwells in you and fear/love cannot occupy the same space!! #faithinGod #Love #isaiah41v10 #faith #power #love #soundmind
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