Wednesday, January 20, 2016


#MyTimeHasNotYetCome and yet Jesus performed a miracle anyway. He was able to DO this, although His TIME had not yet come. Who remembers in Mark 11, and Jesus saw a fig tree afar off and it had full leaves(as if fruit would be on it) but when He got to it, it didn't have any gigs on it(BECAUSE IT WASN'T TIME FOR IT TO), and Jesus CURSED the tree to the root! Now what does TIME have to do with this? It matters in this manner: Christ is our example. The bible says that He only did/said what He heard His Father say. So time did not hold Him in bondage! Time did not RULE Him! He RULED TIME!  We often say: in Gods time this will happen or that, yet hear we see our Savior doing things BEFORE HIS TIME, and we see a fig tree that was cursed to its root because it appeared to have FRUIT GOOD FOR EATING RIGHT THEN, but it didn't! And for that,it will never bear fruit again.  If we continued to read in John2 we would see that Jesus sent for WATER, that's it! He didn't say words over the water, beg and plead His Father to change the water to wine, etc...After they did what He said and filled the water pots with water, He said by faith "dip some out and take it to the master of ceremony" they did, and well we know the rest! After the fig tree situation, and the disciples seen the tree did as He commanded: dried up from the root, he told them: HAVE FAITH IN GOD! If you SAY .... The moral of the story, Have God's Faith! It even overcomes TIME!! #beblessed #celebrityministry #ChristJesus #Christ #Lord #Jesus #God #Faith #mark11 #john2  #time #rihanna #chrianna #FaithInGod
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