Sunday, February 21, 2016


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This is why He will be forever blessed! In all we do PUT CHRIST FIRST! I just gained even more respect for #StephCurry 
Definitely will also keep him in πŸ™πŸΎ cause we know the devil can't stand that He STANDS for #Christ #noweaponformedagainsthimshallprosper #InJesusName #nba #warriors #underarmour #sneakers #philippians413


I stay ready for war!! I come out victorious each time! Cause I'm fenced in from ALL sides! #TheFather #TheSon #TheHolySpirit #TheWordofGod πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ


When you read this scripture, what do u think about? "For nothing will be impossible with God."- #Luke1v37 
It means that ANYTHING the LORD HAS SET FORTH FOR YOU TO ACCOMPLISH (now the keywords is He set forth meaning by His divine will) AS LONG AS YOU HAVE HIM, IT IS POSSIBLE! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ People set out daily with their own plans, aspirations, goals for their life and then expect God to just fall in line and bring it to pass. If we fail we say "God caused us to fail" and if it's successful we say "This was he Lords will" πŸ˜”
This is the truth, before you were even PLACED in your mothers womb, GOD KNEW YOU, and ORDAINED you for (insert His purpose here after u have sought Him out to know) and when u are walking in that, ITS POSSIBLE! Cause when u are in it, walking in destiny, obstacles will come, adversaries will come(that's a testament to u being on he right road) some come in the form of your spouse, significant other, family members etc, BUT U KNOW THAT IF U JUST ENDURE, keep your hand in HIS and follow Him, it's NOT IMPOSSIBLE. 
Now u can drop the family members(Jesus said who is my mother who is my brother...those who do the will of the Lord) yet πŸ™πŸΎ for your spouse daily 😊 
Remember what God has ordained, idc how many times u have messed up,IF U ARE WILLING to SUBMIT yourself to HIS WAY, get out of your soul(mind will emotions) and be led by the SPIRIT, u can accomplish whatever HE CALLED U TO DO! U are only responsible for your part! 
If God ordained u for someone, and yet u can't see it because of all the PAST HELL u been through, just keep believing, praying, and WALKING OUT DESTINY, it's not for u to bring to pass, It's for YOU TO BELIEVE that God can! And everything u do, will reflect that u believe that! TO BE SOMETHING U MUST FIRST BE (believe it, walk as if it's done). Ex. To be a wife u must first be a wife! Starts in the spirit long before it happens! TRAINING #Celebrityministry #bibleverse

Saturday, February 20, 2016


#HappBirthdayRihanna  Daily I make mention of you in my prayers by the Holy Spirit! I pray u come to understand the fullness of God's love for you. Not just the clichΓ¨ of the phrase "Jesus loves me" but KNOWING that because the Lord loves you, He will not turn His back on you, that there is no "until" in His love for you, will show you how not only to love but to receive it as well! I pray constantly that you are strengthened to endure the full journey of your destiny. It's goes far beyond the music! U indeed are blessed and highly favored. But not just for material gain, but for spiritual growth! No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and let EVERY tongue that rise up against you fall.  I pray that the REAL you, comes forth and shines bright like the diamond u are! The business mogul in you, the mother in you, the PROVERBS 31 in you!  If you believe it shall be done. Stay submitted to His way, and trust Him. 28=Christ In Us! #voicetothegeneration #rihanna #celebrityministry #cm @badgalriri
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Father in the precious name of #Jesus keep her under Your wing. Away from the snare of the enemy. Endow her with #wisdom and #strength from on high to continue to seek out the path You have ordained for her to take. #Lord although You have blessed her with seeds of greatness that has gained her mighty influence, from every accolade and first to do it award, at this young age, thank You even more for the dowry that will display greatness on another level. Thank You that her heart is #humble and I #pray forever seeking Your way. Surround her with Your ministering #angels, Father I pray for the gift of the #HolySpirit that she may know constantly which deals to take/make and which ones not too. That she will have visions of all that You have created her to do! For we know this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. #VoiceOfTheGeneration is what You spoke concerning her, let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, understand what the #Spirit of the #Lord is saying. For #10yrs every plot and plan of the enemy to #thwart her destiny has failed, and I thank You Father that the enemy is continually defeated! Let not the spirit of #fear have a foothold in her life. Remind her daily that You did not give her a spirit of fear but of #Power #Love & a #Sound mind! Father let her personal life show forth the #fruit as much as her career! Even more so! Give her the desires of her #heart as You have planned from the beginning! Prepare her for what's to come! Walking with #NoFear Thank You Father for #restoration. Her testimony is a great one. #Love #Forgiveness #Purpose in #Jesus name Amen. Get Ready! #Rihanna #intercession @chrisbrownofficial #chrianna #robynfenty
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Chris Brown get the dream team of Rnb to hop on his current single, Back To Sleep, for a set of 3 remixes, and the first one up is Usher and Zayn. Listen, the way Usher sound on this track is pure RnB. And what about Zayn? The 1Direction crooner, did the right thing leaving this group. I love it.

It's funny though, when you hear Chris Brown mention Karrueche, I turned the song off. LOL. My first thought was this, "he not trying to sell this" and that's a shame. TeamBreezy began to drag him. Then  they preceded to delete him out of his own song..petty. I'm so ready to listen to the other 2 remixes, and I believe Chris Brown will have to bring it on the one with Tank and Tyrese.

BTS (Remix) Chris less

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Kanye West played his brand new album live from Madison Square Garden today, as a part of his YeezySeason3 debut. Check out the track with him and Rihanna, called Famous. The Life of Pablo drops officially tomorrow.