Friday, April 1, 2016


Have u ever been so beat down, torn apart, and just plain tired of trying to please anyone, everyone? And u find yourself finally not caring? All that FEAR of other people opinions. Believing that somehow their opinion can “cost” you the things u hold most dear to life. You tell yourself all types of things to try to get by! U hold your tongue for so long because you are simply AFRAID. Then one day, just one day, you realize it’s not THEM that’s holding you in a cage, it’s you! It’s FEAR. So you attempt to BREAKOUT. And you find yourself at times speaking on things not even relevant to your own life or destiny, fueling the fire that was lit by THEM from your very existence. Every naysayer, every unforgiving soul, every so called friend, every one who had only their own personal agendas at hand. That fire, will bring ferocious heat like never before, BUT ONLY THIS TIME YOU ARE NOT CONSUMED, you are able to come out unscathed, because your SKIN has gotten so thick, NOTHING THEY SAY WILL BY ANY MEANS HARM YOU. So u welcome it! No you BAIT IT, and u say, come on! What you got? Oh the 7yr old situation, HA, I’m past that now! What else you got? Oh this PR-Ship, not relevant, what else you got? And you realize THEY HAVE NOTHING! But you had to find out!  Because you know, that THIS NEXT TIME, this 3rd TIME, it’s FOR GOOD! And you can’t allow THEM to bring fire that can consume what GOD said is yours! Not just the woman HE ordained for you, but your future generations for as long as the Lord should tarry! Because THEY have a tendency to attempt to make one thing define your entire life, that’s until YOU TAKE CHARGE AND DECIDE WHAT GOD SPOKE WILL DEFINE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! FREEDOM!  #celebrityministry #freedom #chrisbrown #nofear #GodsLoveisStrongerthanfear #LoveNeverFails #perfectlovecastoutfear #perfectmeansunconditional #chrianna #ministry #GodisLove #love #truth
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God have your way, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

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