Sunday, July 31, 2016


Good morning! Consider this scripture when you find yourself “waiting” on God, to make manifest HIS promises. When He has spoken know it shall come to pass, yet there is always a moment of growth that will occur in your life, and even the lives of others In which the promise may also concern. 
Repentance is definitely first. Turn away from you old ways, and look to HIS WAY. Maybe forgiveness as well depending on whats going on. Bottom line a work is being done that you may be able to receive the PROMISE and hold on to it. So don’t GIVE UP, or QUIT! Repent! And let your “waiting” be done in faith, rejoicing, all while giving honor glory and praise to Our Lord God for His LOVE toward us by His promises to us. In Jesus Name, amen. #celebrityministry #2peter3v9 #repent #promises #bible #scripture #prayer #faith

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