Saturday, December 31, 2016


Your Purpose! What is purpose? The original intent in the mind of the creator that motivated him(the creator) to create a particular thing. It is the "why" that explains the "reason" for existence. -#drmylesmunroe We are created for a God given purpose! You can walk this earth, make billions of dollars, cure cancer, and yet if you do not fulfill the purpose in which He created you, its all for nothing! The work that does not burn up in the fire is that in which He purposed you for. Before we were created HE had a purpose for each of us. It's why you were created, the time, the place, all of it! For the Creator's purpose. Lastly: no matter what you do, become, cause u have a choice to walk out ya life being a product of what you allow to influence you, IN YOU IS STILL THE SEED OF WHO HE SAID YOU ARE. And as long as you have breath u can choose to be that person! It will bring glory to the Father, and peace to you! #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #rihanna
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