Monday, January 16, 2017


What does "letting the past go" truly entail? 
Well one thing we have to realize is, the past is the past and can't be changed. The next thing we must realize is that we don't have to repeat it, if we just learn from it. Next, that the event(s) does not mean the relationship wasn't real, or the job wasn't meant for you, or that you are incapable of accomplishing whatever it was u had so much faith in. It means there was a time to grow, mature, learn, and you didn't take it. 

That's what you need to let go of. The "wrong decisions" made, because that's the catalyst of it all. The rest is known through your growth! When you Love, patience must have an ability to show itself, & finish its work so you will be mature and complete. Give Christ the reign to lead and guide you. Your "try" will never get His results of His "word/plan" without Him. 

So let go of the past yes, never trying to "fix" a broken thing with "your wisdom" which is what "broke" it in the first place. 
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