Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The other morning when I awoke, by the grace of God, I could hear: BE YOU! I began to question the Lord as to what exactly He meant. I mean after all, I thought I was being me. But the Holy Spirit broke it down to me like this:

Don't allow your background, environment, past decision, money, or others define who you are. You are unashamedly who I said you are. I Am the definition of who you are in the world. You are My ambassador, My representative. I defined you even before your mother was made aware of you. All the way down to the intricacies of your personality. As I gave thought to you, I created you, spoke you to BE YOU. You can make attempts to recreate yourself, to use as a base, things that have happened to you, or things you brought upon yourself as the source for who you are, but it still is not the authentic you. You can see another human and attempt to duplicate their life, yet what you reap will be nothing that is kingdom worthy as it pertains to your life, who I made you to be, but rather a reward for the person in which you attempted to duplicate. There are many people in the earth, but none are exactly alike, not even those who were housed in the same womb at the same time. Why is this? Because I the Lord know what I Am doing. My word is sure, My love is unconditional, and My creation is purposeful. Everything I created, has purpose. But it is up to you to know why you were created by Me, what purpose I created you to serve? Do not allow yourself to be reinvented, or to conform to the world's way. There is a way that is good, My way, says the Lord. The way of man leads to destruction. My way is hard for man to understand because it requires Me, a relationship with Me to get it. So submit yourself wholeheartedly  to the Lord and BE YOU.  

So all that's been ruminating in my mind is BE YOU! One thing I'm learning more and more daily is that if I am portraying a person that is not the one that I was created to be, then I should not expect to receive the blessing of God. Because He is not obligated to the person "I created" but the one He created. 

Please understand that God's purpose for your life must be made manifest. Someone in this world is waiting for you to become who you were created to be. They need you. So you can't afford to give up, or quit. No one can be you. Be GREAT on PURPOSE!


"I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful."-Psalm 139:14

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