Sunday, January 1, 2017


This is the day that the Lord has made! We made it! That in itself says our journey is NOT OVER! The Lord has a PURPOSE for you life! It doesn't need to be pre approved by anyone, ordained by anyone, nor confirmed! For HE has already confirmed, approved, and ordained that purpose the moment HE thought of you! It was so then! Your life, when you ACCEPT (I know this is so hard for some simply because of outside forces such as circumstances, situations, bad decisions etc) that your CREATOR has the placed in you HIS PURPOSE for you. As in why HE CREATED you! And your decisions without HIM, u know he ones u made out of your emotions, or based on others thoughts, or advice given without the Lord's input, appealing to your flesh. DIE DAILY TO THE FLESH! FEED YOUR SPIRIT the WORD daily! Cry out for wisdom! And HAVE FAITH IN GOD! #completionofdivineorder #2017 🙌🏾 #celebrityministry #purpose #love #forgiveness @leandriaj #sundaybest #marymary #thisisthedaythelordhasmade #leandriajohnson #gospel #music #gospelmusic #faith #trust
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