Thursday, January 26, 2017


#Repost @princedonnell  I'm so glad to see a man say this! Our society has changed so much yet God has not changed. These roles still play a major part in God's Divine Order. It doesn't mean a woman can't work(outside the home), that she is unable to take care of herself, or be a leader it means that the Lord saw fit after creating the world, giving Adam a body to realize HE NEEDED A HELP MATE! And He didn't go and make her from something OUTSIDE of Adam, no He specifically went INSIDE of Adam to get a part of him to make her with! Now why is this: because a man will PROVIDE PROTECT AND LEAD HIS OWN BODY. And she is a part of Him! (The 2 shall become 1). In ministry 1 thing that keeps coming up when I'm talking with women(especially) married women is that their husbands don't protect them(against family, friends, etc) they just throw them to the wolves. Men, never allow your friends/family etc talk down on your spouse(idc what she did u handle that between the two of u). Remember she is you. Best example: Christ and the church! The world will NOT JUDGE the church, Christ will! He laid His life down(while we were totally in the wrong-sin) which RESTORED us back to the Fathers original intent! Don't run out here marrying for any reason EXCEPT IT BE GOD ORDAINED. And to know(it's not your feelings that will tell u, or finances, or looks-all these things can change) get in relationship with Christ and listen to the Holy Spirit WHO will lead and guide u into ALL truth(Christ will). The deepest expression of LOVE is it's level of sacrifice! #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose  Provision-A man commits to giving a woman his last name, she becomes 1 with him, he is responsible for her. It doesn't matter how much she makes, can u take care of her? Her dowry that she possess is to such a degree that he understands without her, he would be lacking. Her dowry makes him think twice before leaving her because of what goes with her! Remember the Bible says she is more VALUABLE than rubies! Think on this (spiritually)! And LEADER, as the head go so does the body. #celebrityministry #love
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