Monday, January 2, 2017


He spoke with a “forked” tongue. This is very πŸ”‘ the book of James tells us about a man who uses his tongue to praise God then curse his brother. 

Listen your mouth has the power to bring forth life or death, blessing or cursing. That’s why you will be acquitted or condemned by what is coming out of your mouth. Actually your speech tells where your FAITH IS. And that’s what you will see produce in your life. Holding grudges, speaking perversely(opposite of what God says), attempting to be justified in holding un forgiveness, falls back to you. Don’t ever think u “hurting” someone else and not yourself when you choose to hold grudges, or speak things God didn’t say about them. No! 
The serpent took what God said and twisted it, perverted it, and Eve ate that speech and gave it to her husband who was right there with her, BUT DID NOT PROTECT HER FROM it, though he knew what the Lord had said. 

This is why I pray that this year, 2017, u pray and ask the Lord for the Spirit of Discernment, that when a person is speaking you will know by what spirit they are speaking. Whether it’s of God or not. This is the year of the completion of Divine Order. 

Divine-without human assistance
Order-noun-authoritative direction
Idk what the Lord has spoke to you in your life, but if you reading this, know that if you will heed the Spirit of God, HE is going to lead you to destiny! Bring you to fulfillment of purpose! Seek after Him, and go when He say go, do what He say do, say what He tells you to say…destiny awaits! 
Glory To God! -CM

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