Thursday, January 5, 2017


When swimming with sharks the number one thing u must understand, no matter how well you can swim, or how much knowledge you have acquired about them by being around them, once u dive in, YOU ARE IN THEIR ELEMENT. You are in their house. The place they know blindly, but for you, you need your eyes, equipment(or u will only last as long as you can hold your breath) and HELP FROM OTHERS to bring you out should danger arise. 

All that to say: when you step into a "house" that was not designed for you to LIVE in, not even temporarily, know that sin in that moment has the upper hand. It's knows the workings of the environment. And it's ready to "drown" you right then. So if u "DIVE IN" it better be by the precise instructions of the Holy Spirit, because then before you ever entered the place that was not designed for you to live, you know you coming OUT! 🙌🏾 Before the word was ever made flesh and was crucified, before He was ever buried and rose again, THE WORD (CHRIST JESUS) knew HE was coming out! Because THE WORD OF GOD SAID SO! #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #rihanna #chrisbrown #chrianna #phatfffat #dondrianicole #sharks #photoshoot

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