Sunday, January 1, 2017


C Brick letting us know that we won't be disappointed with Chris Brown's upcoming album: Heartbreak On A Full Moon. I just really hope he get back to the RnB. We all know that Chris Brown is at his best when he is vulnerable on the track. I understand people tend to lean toward what's selling. But who will stay true to the gifts in them, versus selling the gift for the $? I'm a big believer that your gift will make room for you, and when you stay true to the gift, it will reward you handsomely. It's when you start jumping lanes to prove you can't be placed into a box, you are no long 'as authentic' to the core audience. I know he says he want people to focus on his music, but as long as he is Chris Brown, and he has a mic, his fans want to hear that love-making, heartbreaking, making up, make you dance music. And the genre of rnb can hold all of that. Come take the crown CB, it's up for grabs for as long as R. Kelly continues to cater to the youth.

Oh and it seems all that promo for his friends "OHB" has paid off, the guys seem to have a record deal. Not sure with who, but congrats CB. Speaking of, I'm waiting for Chris to get his own distribution deal for CBE and sign his own artist. Now that OHB Sports seem to be taking off.

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