Friday, February 3, 2017


Repost @bishopjakes What do you do when you have favor but you are not favored? In Genesis 37:2 Joseph was favored by his father, but Verse 3 is when the turmoil starts. All of a sudden favor doesn’t seem like favor at all. How do you bridge the gap between your expectation of favor and your reality of favor? Especially when favor doesn’t look like what you expected? The expectation of favor lends itself to the belief of happily ever after, when in reality favor can cause you to be hated and isolated. We all pray for the favor of God, but do we pray for the responsibility of favor? The burden of favor is weighty. If we examine Joseph’s life he is caught between the love of a father and the hate of his brothers.  Once their father passed away, his brothers were terrified that now Joseph would deal harshly with them. Instead, he said to them, am I not in the place God wanted me to be? What you meant for evil God has turned it for my good. Not only for my good, but for many people. Joseph spoke kindly to them and comforted them. Somewhere in his journey, Joseph learned the power of perspective. I don’t know if it was in the pit or in the palace. Joseph learned how to reframe his own narrative through the unfailing favor of God. He didn’t let his condition control his position. He firmly held on to his position of favor. When it looked like he was going down he was really going up. Perspective makes a difference. The story you tell yourself matters! Are there areas in your life, family, work or ministry where you have lost your perspective? Has the burden of favor has caused you to doubt?  Today is the day you change your perspective! Change how you view your situation. Change how your situation speaks to you. Declare God’s favor over your life. Exalt your position over your condition! • Pray and ask God for a new Perspective on your life • Position your favor, write down your goals and post them in a visible area in your home • Promote your favor, speak out loud and rehearse what God has done and is doing in your life. #ForensicFavor
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