Wednesday, February 15, 2017


#goodmorningpost Purpose is the key to what God considers a successful life! What does this mean? That as the CREATOR, He knows why He created you, and call you forth for this time on the earth! It's not for nothing, AND it's not for the created thing to decide to BE what it was never created to be! Remember we are not to conform to the world! We are to be TRANSFORMED (how) by the renewing of our mind (having the mind of Christ). See everything you need God has given you for the purpose He created you for! Now we can pervert anything by going our own way. We convince ourselves that we (the person God created) know better for our lives than the ONE who Created us! It's not true. No created thing know more of what it's great at or able to do than the One Who Created it. Most of us become stubborn and are moved by the worlds view of life. And make decisions based off our emotions VS what God has spoken concerning us. You have everything you need TO BE WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE! #dontquit #dontsettle #dontgiveup #destiny #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #obeyanyway #obey @briancourtneywilson

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