Saturday, March 25, 2017


“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:37‬ ‭NLT‬‬ Forgiveness comes with great reward! Not just physically but spiritually. Do people understand that when we forgive, we are releasing the love of God (the ability to love others as He loves us? Remember that was the command of Jesus that we love others as He has loved us. And how is that? Unconditionally. See I know I know it's a hard thing to grasp on to! Well that's why it was a command! He knew with our human nature we wouldn't do it on our own, but by our reborn spiritual nature in Him, all things are possible, including TRULY FORGIVING someone.  So a lot of times when we read this scripture we think about giving money and looking for that seed to return, but that isn't all the giving He is speaking about! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ the verse before it is speaking on judgement and how if u don't judge others u won't be judged. Okay that tells me of a different type of giving. He also says not to condemn others and I won't be condemned. Then He speaks on forgiveness, saying IF I forgive then I will be forgiven! Look when we GIVE these gifts, they will bring back a MEGA RETURN!  U know why though? Because when you do this, GOD IS THE REWARDER! He sets the return on the GIFTS(not judging and condemning, but forgiving others), and he set it at overflow. Not enough room to receive it. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Look beyond the surface at the gifts u giving to others, what are they? Those things u can't measure with your 5 senses! Want to know why a person who acknowledges Christ as Lord so blessed, cause they have learned the principle of GIFT GIVING Father God in the name of Jesus, I pray that You will open up our eyes daily and our spirit to give the GOOD gifts that You have given us to others. That we may be blessed with even more to give. A gift of forgiveness is worth more than any monetary gift because it FREES (spiritually) two people! Most importantly the one who HELD in to the offense. Help us to see/hear how You see/hear. Keep us by Your Word, mercy, strength & love! Amen! #celebrityministry  #forgiveness #purpose #rihanna
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Friday, March 24, 2017


The singing sensation, Dondria, blessed her fans with one of the greatest covers in recent memory. The songstress blessed us with her rendition of SWV's classic hit, Weak. She reminds us quickly, that her vocals on another level. Check it out.

Be sure to follow her on social media: Twitter @dondria IG @dondrianicole to find out when her EP: Day of the Don will drop. Hopefully this will hold everyone for the time being. In the meantime make sure to STREAM/BUY her latest singles: Options, 2 Good, & LuhYa.


Finally, the R&B crooner is back. Now we heard it a lil bit with Back To Sleep, but Privacy is what I been waiting for as a RnB fan. Check it out! The song was supposed to be released on all digital platforms today for purchase, but it didn't happen, so he dropped it on Sound cloud instead. Hopefully it's coming soon, cause this definitely deserves to be purchased.


Monday, March 6, 2017


Chance the Rapper is donating $1 million to Chicago public schools, the musician announced Monday, after talks broke down with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner over the weekend.
"While I'm frustrated and disappointed in the governor's inaction, that will not stop me from doing all I can to support Chicago's most valuable resource: its children," said the musician Monday, broadcasting his press conference on Instagram Live at Wescott Elementary School on the South Side of Chicago, "three blocks from where I was raised."
"Today, I am proud to announce I am donating $1 million to Chicago public schools," he said, urging corporations to join him.
The Chicago-native (real name: Chancelor Bennett) voiced frustration on Friday following a 30-minute meeting with Rauner to discuss funding for Chicago schools, which have suffered extensive budget cuts and closures. He called the governor's responses "vague."
The Republican governor is currently in a two-year budget stalemate with Democratic lawmakers. In December, Rauner vetoed a plan to allot $215 million to Chicago Public Schools after he said Democratic leaders "publicly reneged" on a pension reform measure to slash state employee retirement costs.
"He has since called me over the weekend. Our talks were unsuccessful," said Chance, adding that the politician would not commit to the funding "without caveats or ultimatums."
Chance said the governor "broke his promise to Chicago's children" when he "vetoed the funding to close out the school year. Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positioning."
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Prior to Chance's press conference on Monday, Rauner's administration circulated a memo with options for funding public schools, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
"As you guys know, I'm not a politician," said Chance of those proposals, noting he wasn't looking for slashed government subsidies.
Chance, per the Sun-Times, comes from an activist family: His father, Ken Bennett, was an aide to Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, in the 1980s, and a former deputy chief of staff to current mayor Rahm Emanuel, a top official in the Obama administration.
The 23-year-old Coloring Book rapper initially reached out to Rauner about a sit-down after the governor congratulated him on his recent Grammy wins.
Chance closed with this: "Gov. Rauner, do your job."
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Rihanna took Paris by storm, AGAIN! The mogul showed her Autumn/Winter collaboration with Puma! Check out some of the pieces!! And watch the full show below! 



Sunday, March 5, 2017


It's in the quiet moments, when we silence our soul(mind will emotions) we can hear God by His Spirit. That still small voice, that confirms everything we truly have known since the beginning. We can then begin to reflect on our decisions and realize when the exact moment we stepped off God's track, and started to make a path for ourselves. The road seem to have so much promise, but leads to death! (There is a way that seems right to man but ends in death). Yet as long as there is breath in our body, and a heart that is willing, we can then hear, and get back on His track. You don't have to worry about what you think u lost, because that was all that God never planned for you in the first place! But He has a way, of KEEPING what He assigned to you, because it's part of the purpose, and promise! It/they belong. Not as possessions but as meant to bring forth greatness inside of each of us. You must understand the importance of your life. We can't afford to walk away from Christ, nor to not return when we come to our senses. Truth is, He will keep the heart of the ones that love you, and He will protect you from those who attempt to destroy you! Truly know your enemies, they are sly, shrewd, manipulative, cunning, and deceptive! #CalmDaSeas @davehollister #chrisbrown #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #pray πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
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When the storm comes, we are asked to endure. And not alone, but knowing that God is with us.

@chrisbrownofficial All God want is a "Yes" from you! That's it! Receive HIS LOVE! Money, fame, gangs, drugs, media, opportunist, family, females, your talents, music, art, dance, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DELIVER YOU from the enemy! It's GOD CB! He loves you! Don't you know that?! With every decision u have made in life, HE HAS NEVER LEFT U! Even as a child HE KEPT U! He didn't let your enemies kill you, your decisions ruin you! The DEVIL want you dead, because u can't harm his kingdom if u not here!! U WILL NOT BECOME WHO THE WORLD SAYS U ARE OR YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES have brought about!! You are a king, a leader of this generation and all u have to do is say YES!  God has called so many to intercede for you, and if u think we giving up or quitting we not. The battle u are in is SPIRITUAL, and u must have spiritual weapons to win this war. Don't let the devil win, toss pride out, and WIN! BE GREAT ON PURPOSE! #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #Yes #shekinahgloryministries
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We must be willing to say "Yes" to what we hear Him say. I mean it's the whole reason for sitting still and listening. It's the only way you will be able to discern angels of light from angels of darkness. Remember satan was once Lucifer (an angel of light). The Lord has a way of ensuring we can see the truth.
Listen God does not lie. When a Spirit of deception is on full display it's hand will be exposed at some point. When a person has cleverly set the stage of "victim" by using the flaws of another effectively, it is so easy to believe it. So when they are exposed on any level it's easy to believe "mistake" happened. It's no mistake, but this is just the beginning. There is no side to take, truth always reveal itself! Thank the Lord for that! I just pray daily for Chris Brown to move forward and those the Lord has removed, let them stay GONE. And to know the Lord to a degree that even if someone returned he will know if it's the Lord bringing them or if they back to finish the job of public destruction. Don't be rescued to only end up worse off. In Jesus name, amen! #intercession #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #nofear
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The Holy Spirit is ready to do the work in each of us, but He will not force Himself on us. That's why submission is key. And submission comes with the knowledge of truth, and knowing that Love indeed is the motive of the one you are submitting yourself to.

The importance of forgiveness is as critical as life and death! If u hold it because you have set a judgement for the one u refusing to forgive, especially yourself, u are allowing the root of bitterness to grow and attempt to choke out your life! It hinders your ability to RECEIVE LOVE. Why is that a big deal? You know people don't understand when they say "forget love get money" what they are calling into their life! Remember Jesus said "you can't serve two masters: God and Money. U will love one and hate the other. U can't SERVE(do anything for it) two masters. Love is the foundation of life! It's the only thing the Lord says we owe each other(owe no man nothing but to love him). You have to first have to BELIEVE that the Lord loves you! He has proven it! Now forgive yourself so that you can finally see yourself how God sees you! Forgiveness allows us to uproot bitterness and give it no place to grow. And your ability to LOVE AND RECEIVE IT, changes that. #nofear #love #forgiveness #purpose #celebrityministry #4yrsold This song is powerful.
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In the end, we must have faith in our Creator, and the ONE He sent, Christ Jesus the word of God made flesh. Once we know who He made us to be, we can be confident in going in the way He designed for us to go. Bringing glory to His name all the way.

The first thing we have to do is define soul(mind will emotions). Then spirit(the real you created by God, the you he spoke to before u were formed in your mothers womb). It is His word that helps us to know the difference in which one we are being led by! This is how we are made: We are a spirit, that has a soul, that is housed in a body! That's the order of command! So as we are in relationship with our Creator, His Spirit leads and guides us into all truth, show us the way to go! Our soul must submit to the truth from our spirit and move to carry out God's will. Our desires we can be sure line up with God's desires for us because we not moving by the outside in/inside out. So get in relationship, that u may have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. At that point no need to hesitate. Just have faith in God! #soul #spirit #hebrews4v12 #celebrityministry #purpose #love #forgiveness #rihanna @badgalriri @donaldlawrence #thewordofthelord
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Future surprised everyone when he dropped 2 albums within a 2 week span of each other. While the first "Future" was making it's way to #1 on billboard 200, he dropped HNDRXX, which has a collaboration with the hardest working woman in the business, Rihanna. The song is titled "Selfish." We get to hear some dope rnb vocals from the global superstar. Check it out.


Jermaine Dupri is back with a 3rd season of his hit new reality series: The Rap Game. Now everyone that reads this blog, know that I am a So So Def representer, so anytime I see the General working with young people, I know a star about to be born. Now the first two seasons I have had my picks, but JD, chose someone different, so it's going to be interesting to see who he chooses this season. But this long time fan is rooting for Deetranada, the Baltimore native has the total package, and she brought it all out on this last challenge in episode 8. Known for her more tomboy style, JD switched the managers up in the house, and Dee was paired with season 2 returnee, Tally, manager, and boom...that tomboy style all girlied up was a winner. She landed right where she was suppose to be, #1 on the hit list.

The win, landed her a guess spot on the previous winners (Miss Mulatto & Mani) new record: You Thought. Now if we gone keep this thing all the way funky...she killed it. I really need Jermaine Dupri to make this version available on Itunes.

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She definitely next in the game. Check out a clip from the video. And if you truly want to know if she belong in the rap game, check out her "EAT" remix...yea she write her own rhymes.


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Did Chris Brown hint to a possible collab with Future? The global superstar posted this pic collage on his instagram, and it leaves his fans to wonder if maybe another collaboration was in the works. The two most recently collaborated on the singers last project, Royalty, with a song called: U Did It. I guess we just have to wait and see.


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God calls! We obey! Not our timing but His timing! We pray and we have faith in the Holy Spirit to do what He says He will do! A chosen πŸ‘‘ (leader) was born, with the gifts/talents that brought great influence, but it's the anointing and the WORD OF GOD OVER HIS LIFE, that is the shield of protection around, that the devil cannot destroy him. No matter what "weeds" he plants among the "grain" that the Lord planted! God's word will not be choked out. It shall manifest! Continuously pray that @chrisbrownofficial will come to know intimately and personally the love of God, and God's purpose for his life that reaches beyond the stage of his talents and gifts but to the heart of men(mankind)! I pray that his testimony change the hearts of millions around the world! That he moves with no fear, KNOWING THAT THE LORD IS WITH HIM. Let every stunt of the devil fail! I pray you give him the spirit of discernment, that he may SEE by the Spirit of God, who the Lord placed in his life, and who have come planted y the enemy(even if they are not aware). Show him the "circle" of a πŸ‘‘ and deliver him from the fear of loneliness (because u are with him) and grow him into the purpose You created him for! Let his heart be filled with forgiveness(of self and others)! What You have gifted him with, let it not be denied, let his pursuit be for You! Cover him Father with the blood of the Lamb! Keep him in all Your ways! Open his eyes that he may SEE the life YOU purposed for him! In Jesus name, amen! #chrisbrown #prayer #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #chrianna #letthelordministertoyou @donaldlawrence Thankful for answered prayer!!!!!



Remember, nothing need to come before the Creator. Let's always consider Him in all things we do. Lord we love you, and we worship you. You can be in your car, washing clothes, working out, cooking dinner, or whatever..but during it, you can still worship the Lord.

Have a great day ON PURPOSE.