Sunday, March 5, 2017


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God calls! We obey! Not our timing but His timing! We pray and we have faith in the Holy Spirit to do what He says He will do! A chosen 👑 (leader) was born, with the gifts/talents that brought great influence, but it's the anointing and the WORD OF GOD OVER HIS LIFE, that is the shield of protection around, that the devil cannot destroy him. No matter what "weeds" he plants among the "grain" that the Lord planted! God's word will not be choked out. It shall manifest! Continuously pray that @chrisbrownofficial will come to know intimately and personally the love of God, and God's purpose for his life that reaches beyond the stage of his talents and gifts but to the heart of men(mankind)! I pray that his testimony change the hearts of millions around the world! That he moves with no fear, KNOWING THAT THE LORD IS WITH HIM. Let every stunt of the devil fail! I pray you give him the spirit of discernment, that he may SEE by the Spirit of God, who the Lord placed in his life, and who have come planted y the enemy(even if they are not aware). Show him the "circle" of a 👑 and deliver him from the fear of loneliness (because u are with him) and grow him into the purpose You created him for! Let his heart be filled with forgiveness(of self and others)! What You have gifted him with, let it not be denied, let his pursuit be for You! Cover him Father with the blood of the Lamb! Keep him in all Your ways! Open his eyes that he may SEE the life YOU purposed for him! In Jesus name, amen! #chrisbrown #prayer #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #chrianna #letthelordministertoyou @donaldlawrence Thankful for answered prayer!!!!!


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