Sunday, March 5, 2017


Jermaine Dupri is back with a 3rd season of his hit new reality series: The Rap Game. Now everyone that reads this blog, know that I am a So So Def representer, so anytime I see the General working with young people, I know a star about to be born. Now the first two seasons I have had my picks, but JD, chose someone different, so it's going to be interesting to see who he chooses this season. But this long time fan is rooting for Deetranada, the Baltimore native has the total package, and she brought it all out on this last challenge in episode 8. Known for her more tomboy style, JD switched the managers up in the house, and Dee was paired with season 2 returnee, Tally, manager, and boom...that tomboy style all girlied up was a winner. She landed right where she was suppose to be, #1 on the hit list.

The win, landed her a guess spot on the previous winners (Miss Mulatto & Mani) new record: You Thought. Now if we gone keep this thing all the way funky...she killed it. I really need Jermaine Dupri to make this version available on Itunes.

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She definitely next in the game. Check out a clip from the video. And if you truly want to know if she belong in the rap game, check out her "EAT" remix...yea she write her own rhymes.

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