Thursday, April 6, 2017


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Jermaine Dupri is back at it again. We have all seen his tv takeover, with the new hit shows: The Rap Game, and the Pop Game (the latter Timberland is actually starring on, but JD orchestrated that). After 3 seasons of Lifetime's most popular show on Friday nights, JD will be taking 9 of the kids on a countrywide tour, that begins May 25 in Louisville Ky.
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The line up consist of Season1 and Season 2 winners: Mulatto & Mani. The reveal hasn't happened for who will receive the coveted So So Def chain for season 3, but with Tally quitting(not sure she would win anyway) there are 4: Flau'jae, King Roscoe, Nova, and Deetranada. Now I'm sure you guys know who I'm rooting for (Deetranada), but JD never picks who I think should win, so maybe it will be Nova, who knows. You have to tune in this Friday to see. Also on the tour, will be cast members from previous seasons, another favorite of mine, Supa Peach, will be on the tour. Chicago's own, Nia Kay(who was another favorite of mine on that season), Prince of NY, and Lil Key.

JD mentioned on the Breakfast Club, that there will be a rap battle that happens during the tour. Now this is definitely going to be interesting. Now if we all remember, there was already tension between Ms. Mulatto and Supa Peach from the first season.

Which led to a "fight" and then Young lyric and Mulatto creating diss records about each other. Now listen, I'm all for rap battles, but these beautiful young women need to keep it cute for the shows. We all know these are "solo" artist, but this tour needs to set a great example, so that parents can feel comfortable taking their children to a rap show. So represent correct people.

And if for no other reason, go and check out some of the fliest kids in the rap game right now. No profanity, age appropriate, clean cut show. #SoSoSummer17 Buy Tickets Now

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